Wealth Building

Wealth Building

Wealth Building > Introduction

Welcome to Personal Finance eGuide chapter on Wealth Building.

This chapter addresses different ways to begin accumulating assets to create a stronger financial position. Among the items covered are growing and preserving money and buying a house or property. The end of the chapter discusses the basics of investing in the stock market through materials on mutual funds.

Growing and Preserving Money > Books

Growing and Preserving Money > Books

CNBC Creating Wealth simplifies the subject of finance and investing and introduces you to the world markets. This book offers advice on how to use all the information available for wealth building.

Suze Orman's The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom shows how to maintain control over your money through changing your spending habits and understanding investments, retirement, insurance, and credit. This title is also available in large print and DVD.

Also available on DVD is Suze Orman's title Road to Wealth. Presented in an accessible and dynamic question-and-answer format, Orman tackles the issues of utmost importance to ordinary men and women who are struggling financially. The topics covered in this DVD include how to manage debt, maximize hard-earned money, gain a profitable return on investments, and ensure a comfortable retirement.

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The Latino Journey to Financial Greatness: 10 Steps to Creating Wealth, Security, and a Prosperous Future for You and Your Family has strategies and principles for Latino readers to create wealth while identifying cultural barriers.

The Money in You! Discover Your Financial Personality and Live the Millionaire's Life identifies ten different financial personality "types" and furnishes practical tools, techniques, and advice for taking advantage of individual strengths to develop an effective plan for financial success.

Growing and Preserving Money > Online Databases

Check out the Investing Classroom in Morningstar's Help and Education section. You can take courses on stocks, funds, and portfolios. Each course includes five levels of difficulty and quizzes. Test your knowledge and learn!

Growing and Preserving Money > World Wide Web

Bloomberg's Market Data has research for the stock market, items such as podcasts, radio and TV reports, stock quotes, current market conditions, and much more.

You will find strategies, ratings, fund selectors, news, and advice on mutual funds from a neutral party in the Mutual Fund Investor's Center site.

The World's best ETF Screener from the ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) database can help you find alternative investments to traditional mutual funds.

Real Estate & Home Buying

Real Estate/Home Buying > Books

Find hints, worksheets and the seven principles of wealth using real estate in Creating Wealth: Retire in Ten Years Using Allen's Seven Principles of Wealth.

The book, The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner: A Powerful Plan to Finish Rich in Real Estate shows you how to gain financial security and build wealth while taking advantage of automatic financial transactions like a 401(k). This title is also available on CD book and in large print.

You can find more information about investing in real estate with these books.

Real Estate/Home Buying > Books > Page 2

Buying & Selling a Home: Your All-In-One Guide for Success from America's Leading Personal Finance Authority chapter titles include:

Nolo's Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home explains how to navigate the world of real estate to purchase a home. Get tips on deciding what kind of home, where to look, and securing financing for your purchase.

Buying a Home When You're Single demystifies the home-buying process and takes you systematically through the entire process of acquiring the home of your dreams, from hiring a real estate agent to closing the deal.

Real Estate/Home Buying > Books > Page 3

Condos, Co-Ops, & Townhomes: A Complete Guide to Finding, Buying, Maintaining, and Enjoying Your New Home includes the chapters:

Find more information about home buying in these titles.